Profimatic Intro


Hurom is the global leader in the production of slow juicers with cold pressing technology. A healthy juice, a longer life!

Angel Juicer

Without any doubt, the most successful juicer made entirely out of stainless steel, it uses its dual gears to squeeze even the toughest ingredients. Extreme durability and efficiency, everything handcrafted in Korea.


Korean quality at affordable prices - slow juicers that will not disappoint you.


Yoda is the first oil press with cold pressing technology for household use, which you can rely on.


Grain mills and more, all designed with German precision and handcrafted in stile, in Austria. Use the most efficient and durable mill ever made to prepare your own natural food.


The Germans created the perfect vacuum machine. Quality vacuum solutions, manufactured in Germany by to help keep your food fresh for longer time.

Jtc Omniblend

The living proof that affordable can mean performance as well! JTC Omniblend quality is a true match for any blender on the market, the only difference being the price!


Vacuum machines, vacuum storage containers and various kitchenware, manufactured in Slovenia, truly the best help that you can get in the kitchen.

Oscar Neo

The horizontal slow juicer that combines the efficiency of cold pressing with multi-functional skills, durability and easy maintenance.


Terracotta grills and other products constructed from 100% natural materials for a 100% healthy food, all made in Spain.


Turkish coffee tradition revived and brought into the 21st century by Okka.


Water bottles and insulated containers to keep your drinks hot or cold. Autospout and Autoseal technologies prevent spills, so you will not have to change your shirt ever when you drink from a Contigo product.


Our cosmetic products for personal care and house cleaning are 100% organic and produced from 100% safe ingredients for people and nature.


Ice cream has never been this easy to make! Beautiful design and high quality standards. Let your imagination create the ultimate ice cream!

Dehydrator Deca+

We are working for 3 years now to create the best dehydrator! Finally, here it is! 100 % full stainless steel body for 100 % satisfaction guaranteed!


The only device that can provide you 99,99% pure water, so you will drink and use the purest water on Earth. Don’t forget that you are 75% water!


From the beggining, Reber's products are distinguished by their quality (TÜV-GS certified), reliability, strength and safety.